GOSPORT is deeply involved in research and development activities, carried out also in collaboration with universities and research centers. GOSPORT is interested in innovative projects aimed at enhancing sport stakeholders experiences: new ways of collecting and analyzing data through commercial or innovative sensors, video image analysis, drone-based sport video shooting, are only examples of interest areas of GOSPORT

Currently, the company is realizing three research projects where is sought dealing with:

New training methods and tools for amateurs football teams

Technologies for mountain bike competitions

New Cycling Experience for turism
if you are interested in one of the above-mentioned project, please contact us to know more.




GOSPORT technology captures the need of sports’ teams, competitions organizers, and sports stakeholders, transforming data and information into valuable knowledge for enhanced users’ experience. Our solutions create value by enhancing users’ experience through the deep analysis and understanding of data and information surrounding any sport activity. GOSPORT is also active in sectors where sports joins tourism and wellbeing such as bike tourism, or natural-parks visiting and exploring.