We have developed a specific solution for football teams that allows you to easily store, share and retrieve all the information you need to manage an amateur and amateur football team.

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Goala App

The first App
that improves the performance of
amateur and amateur footballers:

  • Test yourself
  • Follow personalized training programs
  • Have an interactive guide during workouts
  • View individual performance statistics in real time
  • To manage a team in the technical-management field
  • Share your performance with other GOALA users

All this by relying only on the smartphone as a data collection sensor and tool for data mining and machine learning techniques.



There are no similar IT solutions on the semi-professional and amateur market.


It is based on research carried out with the University of the Foro Italico, which they have identified Key Performance Indicators, for tests and training programs based on the data collected through the smartphone.


We have developed proprietary algorithms that are difficult to replicate that allow unique functions, calculating performance KPI, Biometric Number and related modulations of the training program.


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